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If Only I can sit on a WHEELCHAIR
My names are Olatunbosun Babatunde Kosoko, a 2009 Lagos State University graduate of history and International Relations, a descendant of the Kosoko family in Lagos. I was shot at the back by suspected armed robbers three years ago. This has affected my spinal cord and I have been going from one hospital to another.

My dream after the completion of my course at the Lagos State University (LASU ), Ojo, was to work in an embassy if given the opportunity. Unfortunately, when I completed my studies I worked briefly in a private firm – Lagos state Tertiary Institution Transport Corps – and I was looking forward to working in an embassy when tragedy struck.
My travails started three years ago (on September 11, 2011)-when I was driving out to meet one of my friends who was preparing for a wedding, he was preparing for his wedding and I was going to his place in order to assist him do shopping. When I left home on that Sunday morning, I never knew it would be my last outing or else I would have turned back home on seeing the heavy traffic. When I got to Agric Bus stop in Ikorodu area, I tried to avoid a gulley. Suddenly I heard a big bang on my Camry Car, and when I looked back, I saw two men on a motorbike, I again looked back whether I knew them but when their faces were not familiar, and I kept on driving. As I attempted to drive into a filling station the two men crossed me again. I glanced at them to ascertain whether I knew them. They later pursued me and demanded for the gold necklace I was wearing, my wedding band, wrist watch, trinkets and the money I wanted to use to buy clothes as one of my friend’s grooms men. I quickly obeyed and quietly gave them all without objection and they left. But again, they in a jiffy returned to me and by this time they meant business. When I saw that one of them cocked his gun and was about to pull the trigger, I immediately sensed that he was going to shoot me and I quickly bowed my head to avoid hitting me on the head. Lo and behold, that was all I could remember until I heard the sound of a gunshot. “Four days later, I found myself on the hospital bed where I was told that I had been unconscious for four days. I learnt that I had been taken to Ikorodu General Hospital where I was rejected but later referred to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja. It was there that I was told that the bullet hit my thoracic 3 and 4 and I was operated on but was later told after the operation that there was possibility that I would lose my lower limbs. A surgery called ‘exploration of spinal canal’, was performed on me on September 23, of 2011.”

More problems after the operation
As the medical doctor confirmed my state of health, saying I would not be able to sit down not to talk of walking in my life again. “The doctor told me about 11days after the operation that the gun has done a severe damage to my spinal cord and that it had affected my number 3 and 4 spinal vertebra and that I would need another major operation in order to be able to be confined in a wheelchair for life if I am going to be well at all. The doctor advised that I should build on my upper limbs. I went from one hospital to another, I went to Eko Hospital where I underwent another surgery. I spent some months before I was later discharged. Later, I realised that one of my legs had swollen up and I was directed to another hospital where they specialize on bone at Mile 12 where I stayed for two years. But there was no improvement – I couldn’t walk. I became devastated. I said many who have spinal cord injury can still sit up, but for me I couldn’t sit on a chair except lying on my back. I couldn’t stand up too. I went to Igbobi Orthopedic Hospital to see how I could treat my swollen leg but the doctor after many X-rays said the bone in my pelvic had removed from the joint and healed in a wrong place as the pelvic had been shattered by the gun. I was told this was serious. They said if they open it again it could degenerate to another thing.
“My problem continued as I came home and discovered that I could not pass urine as my system had been badly affected. There was no money to go to the hospital so a nurse was brought to me to fix catheter on my bladder but she blew the balloon and blood did not circulate in there. I became uncomfortable as I later discovered that there was no urine in the urine bag. I sent for her and when she removed the rubber blood was rushing out, which could fill a bottle of water can. I collapsed and fainted because I had lost some pints of blood. I was later rushed to the hospital that night where another surgery was performed pending the time the urethra will be functioning on its own. They then performed a minor surgery and I had been using urine bag but blood was still coming out. I spent another one week at the hospital. Now, I am still using the catheter. The doctor had advised him to go to Israel for the surgery to enable him sit on the chair. He said, “I was told to go and do spinal cord operation in Israel so as to be able to sit on a chair. The doctor said the pellet broke my spine and left a big gap, he found out that the space was too big and it had affected my lower limbs, immediately the pellets went into my spinal cord it affected my bone, and I couldn’t push and my urination was no longer regular. I was going to the toilet 10 times a day until it went to once in a week, now the legs gap has become tiny.”
Furthermore, there are contractions on my knee and ankle as they can't be fold properly on wheelchair as a result of the stiffness on the pelvic.

Deserted by family and friends
As am talking to u none of my family and friend do come to check on me to see how I am fearing as they all expect me to die in dis condition, I only sees very few of my friends now as many have deserted me.  “When I was working and making money, I assisted many but when I had this problem some were coming until they stopped. I was on a temporary employment and it was a private job and the job had stopped since my family had deserted me, only few of my friends come here. But I thank the few who remembered I had assisted them when I was still agile for they gathered money to rent this self – contained apartment for me and my wife last year September.
I don’t want to be a burden to anyboblameh I had wanted the operation done if I can only sit on a wheelchair for life. “I want the operation to be done because all my friends have tried their best. My wife has tried but it would get to a point when she too would be tired of my problem, and one cannot blame her.”

Don’t let me die!
Kosoko is appealing for assistance from good -spirited people of the world “I came home to stay waiting for death. I realised that I had bedsore, I was bed wetting and I am just lying on my back all along. My held dream had been shattered and I am unable to fulfil my long dream and ambition -no thanks to the wicked armed robbers that struck. The gunshot which affected my numbers T3 T4 spinal cords resulted in many complications. Now, I cannot sit or shift my body except I am carried or lifted up or turned.” as am writing this, I am in excruciating pains. My two legs had started withering and going numb while from my waist downwards has remained motionless – I could no longer lift or move my body on my own.
In tears, I am appealing that if I can get support to do surgery to enable stand up or sit on my own, I will be glad. This is how I had been lying for the past three years. Now I am developing bedsore, and I know the implications. I heard of a polish man that has a severe spine damaged and a surgery was carried out in one of the hospital in London and the man is in rehab now walking, so I have hope I can still walk with the help of sympathetic people across the globe.
I am Still hopeful
But one thing about me is that I wants to live and do not want to be a burden because, my hands and brain are still very active. I know I cannot walk or stand on my feet now but at least let me be sitting on a wheel chair to enable me do something and not be totally useless and be a burden on anybody.
My wife, Oluwakemi sekinat Kosoko, also a graduate of Business Studies from LASU  “since he was shot my world has crashed.” I am unhappy because I had been denied the joys of marital life, “We courted for six years and after our marriage the devil crawled in. I felt bad because I didn’t enjoy my marriage.” A charity group called IFECO has come up with a fund raising programme to help him achieve his dreams and walk again. The group can't do it alone and as such is soliciting for help from well meaning Nigerians home and abroad in this drive to help him walk  again. For more information please call the number below and donate into the account below.   IFEDOYIN  AND FRIENDS CHARITY ORGANISATION. GTB 0147965830. TELEPHONE: 07083301224

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Latest Video: Ghanaian football legend Odartey Lamptey cries as he reveals how he discovered 3 kids with ex-wife of 21-years were not his

A week ago, ex-Ghanaian football star, Odartey Lamptey broke down in tears during an interview on GHOne TV's with Nana Anamoah where he spoke about discovering that three children with ex wife of 21 years were not his.

We reported how a DNA test revealed that the children he had nurtured and believed to be his own for 21 years were actually not his.
During the divorce ruling, his ex-wife defended herself by saying Lamptey was impotent and couldn't have children. 

Odartey Lamptey has since remarried and has two children. In this new interview, he shares how he became a new man and how happy he feels each time he holds his new kids in his arms.
Below is the full length programme monitored from Ghana.

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Singer Wizkid wins BET "Best African International Act" Award

Starboy and Sony Music Act, Wizkid keeps making Nigerians proud in one way or the other. Now he has won the 2017 BET (Black Entertainment Television) Awards "Best AfricanInternational Act Award".2017 has been a great year for 26 year old Nigerian singer Wizkid. Last year, he was all the rage when he made the hit One Dance with international singer/rapper Drake. This year, hecontinued with hits such as Come Closer featuring Drake and very recently, Naughty Ride featuring Major Lazer. Nigerians were gutted when he did not win theGrammy award he was nominated this yearbuthe has made it up to us because yesterday, Saturday June 25, BET officially announced him as the the 2017 "Best African International Act Award" recipient.For those who are wondering what the big deal is, his fellow nominees were: Tekno (Nigeria), Mr. Eazi (Nigeria), Davido (Nigeria), Stonebwoy (Ghana), AKA (South Africa), Nasty C (South Africa), and Babes Wodumo (South Africa)

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Divorce saga: Now I can move on, says ex-football star


A former Ghanaian footballer, Odartey Lamptey, has won a lawsuit in which his wife claimed 50 percent  of his fortunes.
An Accra High Court ruled that Gloria Appiah (Lamptey ex-wife) committed ‘adultery’ when she gave birth to three children outside wedlock and subsequently nullified her request of being given half of her ex-husband’s wealth.
Justice Cecilia Don-Chebe Agbevey who presided over the case also ordered Lamptey’s estranged wife to vacate the footballer’s plush 7-bedroom apartment in East Legon within 30 days.
Lamptey who granted an interview after the ruling said he is grateful that all he had gathered through his toils for the past 21 years did not go in vain.
He said, “I thank God for taking me through this fight successfully because I didn’t know how far I could go. Though I’ve lost a few properties, I’m very content that at the end of this case, I have retained most of them and I’m still alive too.
“When I was informed that the three children were not mine, I know how I felt. Playing the role of a father to children I thought were mine for 21 years and realizing otherwise later, I nearly committed suicide. God gave me a renewed energy and courage to withstand these pains and today, I can say I have gotten over them all.
“And today, with the final judgment, I thank God that my properties, my school and others I have kept them. She can take the little awarded to her.
“Today the divorce has been granted and that burden that was on me is gone. Now, I’m a free and happy man, ready to start life again.”
The relationship between Odartey Lamptey and Gloria Lamptey went sour in 2013 after DNA results revealed that he was not the biological father of his three children after 20 years of marriage.
Lamptey has insisted he never asked his estranged wife to sleep with other men to get pregnant for him over claims he was ‘impotent’.
The ex-Ghana star now has two children with an actress  Ruweida Yakubu.
Lamptey owns the Golden Lions Soccer Academy and Glow Lamp International School.

Chai.... see gobe as Nigerians go hard on Ugandan who tried to diss them early this morning

So this Ugandan Twitter user took a jab at Nigerians early this morning and the responses he has so far gotten from Nigerians are quite to read the replies after the cut...

Quranic Extract For the Ramadan Faithfuls



27. An-Naml (56-end)

28. Al-Qasas

29. Al-Ankaboot (1-45)


This Juz begins with the conclusion to Surah An-Naml. In these final verses we are asked to consider the signs of ALLAAH in HIS creation & acknowledge that some claim godship in the weak unlike ALLAAH Who is Omnipotent & knows all. The chapter ends with powerful themes of the afterlife; death before life, the blasting of the trumpet & the Last Day. In the end, the Prophet (SALLALLAAHU ALAYHI WA SALLAM) is commanded to serve ALLAAH & to preach the Qur’aan. In the next chapter, Al-Qasas (the Stories) we are told about Musa (ALAHYI SALLAM) - his birth, upbringing, exile, call, his struggle with Pharaoh & subsequent exodus, his ultimate triumph & destruction of the disbelievers. The main theme of the chapter is that of struggle, ALLAAH’S providential care & the evil end of those who are arrogant & spread corruption. The last chapter in this Juz is Al-Ankaboot (the Spider) a chapter that takes its name from the parable in its 41st verse in which the weakness of polytheism is likened to frailty of a spider web.


• That people can get so corrupt they detest the very presence of those who purify themselves

• The doubts of the pagans are repudiated & the Last Day depicted

• ALLAAH consoles the poor & weak believers stating that future is for them

• The story of Musa (ALAHYI SALLAM) & how he could find none to support him besides ALLAAH but what a wonderful supporter HE is!

• The story of Qarun & his being deceived by his wealth

• Just as Musa (ALAHYI SALLAM) was driven from his land only to return, so too would Muhammad (SALLALLAAHU ALAHYI WA SALLAM)

• The trials that one calling to ALLAAH will face: wealth, health, & this worldly life in general

• The stories of the previous nations show us that we should never feel confident that we are safe & so grow complacent.

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Celebrity Interview: I didn’t pay a dime to feature Chris Brown –Wizkid

WHAT is the most challenging song you’ve written?
I would say is Jaiye Jaiye. When I made Jaiye Jaiye, I didn’t know if people were ready to accept the song, so I needed something to pretty much make it really special because that song is really special to me. When I called Femi Kuti, and he told me yes, he’s going to do it. I was shocked because I didn’t think he would tell me yes straight away. I called him that day, we recorded the next day. So I had to go back to the studio that night to re-do the song, to make sure he’s not disappointed. I think Jaiye Jaiye is the most challenging song I’ve written.
You talked about Jaiye, Jaiye which happens to be the intro of song in your sophomore album. How would you describe the album? And what has been the reaction of people?
Talking about the album, everyone is loving the tracks. Every day, people discover new songs on that album. It feels really good because when I was making this album, I was trying to make a conscious decision not to change my style too much because many people are now having this thing in their head that because I’m working with international artistes I’m trying to change what I sound like, which is not true.
I’m never going to change what I am. I’m never going to change my music for anyone. A song like Jaiye, Jaiye for instance, mo fe ko le fun mama mi, mo de f era le fun baba mi. I’m sure everyone wants to do the same thing or have done the same thing. It’s a special song to me and that album as well.
There was a particular track in that album where you practically sang highlife. I think the track is called One Question. How did you manage to get that kind of mature sound?
Well, as I said, I work every day to build the Wizkid brand. I don’t just make music for now. A lot of people expect that, oh yeah, this young act; I should be making music about party and all that.
But I really do not. I actually make good music. I try as much as possible to pass a message across. Like Joy, in Joy I was talking about my life and I was giving advice to everyone out there. Jaiye Jaiye same thing, One Question, Ojuelegba, songs like that tell you I’m not an average type of artiste. I’m very confident about the type of music that I make and I know by God’s grace I will definitely take it global.
You went to Surulere to shoot Show you the money. Meanwhile, you have another track Ojuelegba. Why did you choose Surulere for Show you the money and where are you going to shoot Ojuelegba?
Well, Show you the money, I went to Shitta, small London. That’s actually where I grew up. So for Ojuelegba as well I’m definitely going to Ojuelegba to shoot the video. There are so many parts of Surulere that I have not even done anything about. All the streets I used to walk, all the streets I used to go perform because I used to do all the carnivals every December for every street in Surulere. I used to go do all that, to Lawanson, Brown Road and so on. I’ve paid my dues. There are so many stories that are untold. And by God’s grace if I’m here long enough I hope to pass that message and tell that story through my music.
Your one time label mate, Skales, are you ever going to work with him again?
Of course I will. He was actually in my house a couple of weeks ago. He brought a track to my house for us to work on. Do definitely; definitely I would always work with Skales.
You just released your last album with E.M.E and a lot of reviews have rated it low. Tell us, was it intentional?
Let’s take a look at it, off that album right; I have hit singles that I already put out. If I didn’t want to make an album that will actually cut across to people to enjoy, I would not put in those songs. I had Jaiye Jaiye, On Top Your Matter, Bombay, Show You The Money, Joy and I added more songs. And I’m shooting new video pretty much for all the songs in the album.
Wizkid like showing off his wealth on social media…
Yes, didn’t use to have all these things now. I hustled to get them. From where I am coming from, if I get all these things, I have to show them to motivate. You knew me in my Surelere days now; did I use to wear gold chain? Abi na lie I dey lie? No be lie now. So if I get all these type of things, you go thank God. I need to motivate boys for street. I no dey thief, I no dey do any other thing dan music.
Every now and then, people call you out. Is wizkid such a terrible person?
I tire o. I tire for the matter o. Well, people have their opinion about other people. People say you are terrible. The thing you should actually do is ask those people what exactly has this guy done to you? For four years that I was making music with Samklef, everyone knew who Samklef was; I was going up and down and saying Samklef noni, Right? You understand wetin I dey try talk. So I’m really just being me. I’m just trying to be a good person. Everyone cannot like you. And everyone cannot hate you.
Same time Samklef called you out, Seaon also was bitter that you didn’t appear in her video despite paying you a huge amount of money…
But I gave her a hit song now, I no try. My boy produced the song. I did my part of the job to record the song. So if she’s coming out and telling you …that’s not even what I charge for collabos. I dey charge some people 10million for collaboration you know. So if I did it for her for that price you should know it’s love. It’s out of love. I was busy. I didn’t even want to do it, to be honest. I won’t lie to you.
But you were once quoted to have said you don’t charge for collaboration…
Yes now, I don’t charge people I love for collaboration. But when someone is on your neck every day, they want to make a song and they want to pay for it. If I don’t collect the money now and make the song, they will say I’m a terrible person. So I’m just trying to be a good guy.
A lot of top artistes have been on the bill of Hennessy. You are there this year, how would you describe the experience?
Well, I feel really blessed to be a part of Hennessey this year, especially because Tuface is a part of it and Tuface is a legend in the Nigerian music industry. He’s like a pioneer. He paved the way for every young artiste doing it right now. So it’s just a great feeling doing it with Tuface. I feel really blessed. Hennessy is a big brand. And the Wizkid brand as well is growing everyday so we just keep working at it. I’m just thankful to God, that’s all.
For the first time, you did collaboration with Tuface, courtesy of Hennessy. Why did it not happen before Hennessy contacted both of you?
Well, Tuface and I have actually been in the studio four times before the Hennessy Company contacted us for the event, but we’ve never finished anything. We would work on something but we just never get to finish it. Tuface is a very busy person and me too I’m always just on the road. We actually never finish our tracks and putting it out. So, it’s like it’s a great feeling, to be honest.
What did it take to build the Wizkid brand?
Building the Wizkid brand pretty much took me all my life because before I went into making music, I had the picture of what I wanted to be in my head. I had a concept of how I would love the journey or my journey to be into the music industry to be like. So I definitely knew I wanted to build a brand, not just a name. A brand people would want to affiliate with and I work endlessly, day and night to make sure the brand Wizkid is here even when I’m not here.
Even when I leave, I want to live a legacy that people will follow. And I’m not just building Wizkid as a brand alone. I’m also building Star Boy for every young artiste out there, every young producer out there. I want to create a platform for them to push out their music. We just started in like a year now; and already my boys are getting nominations as well as producing for all the top acts in Nigeria. It’s a great feeling. I just feel really blessed.
Why do people think Wizkid is arrogant. And does it bother you?
It really does not bother me. But to be honest, I don’t even hear that because every time I go out, I get love from my fans. I show them love. And I do my thing. As I said, not everyone is going to like you. I don’t have any problem with that because I don’t like everybody. I’m going to be very honest with you; it’s not everybody that I like.
So I don’t expect everybody to like me. I make mistake like every normal human being. I’m very normal. I’m a young boy, I’m growing. It’s not that I know everything. I’m bound to trip and fall. I’m bound to learn from them. So I’m just growing, men.
Expecting any child soon?
Expecting ke?
No wedding on your card?
There is nothing like that.
Is Wizkid single and searching?
Wizkid is just a star boy, having fun and mingling things (laughs).
How many shows does Wizkid play per week?
It depends on the demand. Sometimes I do three, four and sometimes one.
What are your targets?
I’m pretty much just working on the Wizkid brand. I’m just trying to expand. And I’m trying to just take my music global. I’m just working on music, that’s pretty much it.
Talking about investment, where are you sinking your money?
Properties and jewellery… I don’t spend money on stupid things. I just try as much as possible to do me. I’m a grown man. I have problems too. I have a child I’m taking care of. I have responsibilities too, believe it or not.
You talked about doing a song with Chris Brown, when is it dropping? And did you pay for it?
Yeah, yeah I have a song with Chris Brown. Done actually; we are shooting the video in about two or three weeks. It’s going
to drop early next year.
Did I pay to do it?
No, no payment at all. I don’t pay anyone for collaborations men. I’ve never paid for collaboration because I’m confident of the type of music that I make.
What’s your five years’ plan for Star Boy?
Yeah, we are working on the first Star Boy album now. We are shooting a video for all the songs. I’m pretty much trying to create a platform and just help as many talents as I can. Just put a lot of young people on. There are a lot of talented to do me. I’m a grown man. I have problems too. I have a child I’m taking care of. I have responsibilities too, believe it or not.
You talked about doing a song with Chris Brown, when is it dropping? And did you pay for it?
Yeah, yeah I have a song with Chris Brown. Done actually; we are shooting the video in about two or three weeks. It’s going to drop early next year. Did I pay to do it? No, no payment at all. I don’t pay anyone for collaborations men. I’ve never paid for collaboration because I’m confident of the type of music that I make.
What’s your five years’ plan for Star Boy?
Yeah, we are working on the first Star Boy album now. We are shooting a video for all the songs. I’m pretty much trying to create a platform and just help as many talents as I can. Just put a lot of young people on. There are a lot of talented young people in this country but the platform is not there for everyone. So I’m going to try in my own little way to help young people in this country but the platform is not there for everyone. So I’m going to try in my own little way to help.