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News Update: See War of Words Between Social Blogger, Stella Korkus,Mercy Aigbe and Her Husband


Got this update on Stella Korkus blog this morning and I hope you will all enjoy this Season film between the trio

"SHEGEJAGWA....Una doh!

Possible Movie Titles:
.The missing black dress
.The white Jalabia.
-My hubby didnt Pummel me h
-Stella is a jealousying me.
-What happened on Sunday?
-Mercy Aigbe:The real me.
-Hi Know my wife-
-Na me buy the jalabia.
-Stellas pack of lies.
-Mo gbe,Stella catch me but I dodge am!
-One Story,Several press releases,one hit movie.
-The making of the lies to cover the truth that revealed the shit.
-My horsband loffs me.

Please choose a title before you read further,it will aid your reading and understanding,
I am responding lightly because this has all become one big joke...A lorry full of shit to cover one small shit?...What about the smell?

I have pasted here the drama the three of you acted on youtube ,I clapped when I took time to listen;i watched disappointedly but urge you to know that  I  expect to see you all on CNN live with Christiane Amanpour Interviewing you three on this matter because it is that serious for you to convince your ''fans all over the world'' that Stella concoted this lie because she is jealous of your successful acting career.

.It is a hit  movie if lies can be regarded as such in acting and i am sure if you submit it for the OSCAR them go call know why?
I saw the dedication you put into the lie,I saw the oily nose and invisible sweat and the nervousness,
I saw the lovely nails you almost dipped into your viewers eyes.

Its the perfect movie for those who beleive you.I dont Sweetheart.

Please from now on dedicate this new discovered talent into your new roles and you will be a bigger name to reckon with ...soon.

Who was the third guy near you both explaining he didnt announce Mercys name?Bollocks.!!!
he must be the guest act in this movie...Abeg waka pass make I see road.

Did i hear you say the car refused to start and your hubby s car was parked behind yours and you parked your car that couldnt start and took his?how does one park a car that is already parked?

Okay I saw the  black dress with 'Abutata' wings which has been found I suppose(please note my usuage of the word suppose),I also saw the miraculous face saving jalabia which hubby smittenly confessed he bought for you and you were so tired you changed at a public function into the angelic 


So what happened at Troy on Sunday was a movie where your hubby kicked in the door of the room he supposedly came in and you changed? Wow Superman scene.

Oh well the Door was fixed On Monday the day you and your hubby settled the matter quickly...yes the door was fixed because insiders ratted immediately a carpenter was called in...LOL.

As you people nicely set the records straight with fabu and lies running on medicated glasses,let me do so as well.
I never said your horsband  'pummelled' you Mercy,Please can you read?I said i hoped he had not pummelled you...I asked.It was a question and not a statement...Read my wrinkled lips..''Question ni mo bere lowo e''

I wonder why it is so important many press releases already?just to debunk something that happened?Did i hear Mr Gentry say i should bring proof?
Sir Are you planning on becoming an actor?Please dont do it,your lines were weak and your voice trembled.why na?it was just a movie addressing my stupid lies na!
We didnt need to be told why you married your wife....Please dont stop loving her .

Anyway It seems i need to free you people from this drama,so this will be my final say concerning you lying lot....It has become so childish this back and forth thingy and popcorn and panadol is selling out because people are reading and laughing and having headaches...laughing at me and you both and not knowing who is telling the truth

In all of this I am so happy my story saved your marriage contrary to your insinuations that i am trying to break your 'happy home'....I felt the strong love pinching at me from the movie...Bless God for this Miracle!

 In all of this Mercy,This story has increased the search for your name on google,Have you checked?...Thank God.

From now on,Irrespective of any more emergency arranged movie una shoot,i will not respond again.
Its not gonna be because i got cold feet and backed out  or that i lied but i am tired of this game,your five minutes of spotlight  on my stage has timed out.

Abeg dont forget to release this movie on DVD,It is your best shot so far as an actress and I 'Sterra' will personally buy up all the copies just to support una.

God bless your Union.I hope from now on you will both learn to keep it indoors,put a sock on it and stop acting drama without script.

Put me on quote Mrs and Mr Gentry,that movie IS A BIG LIE ----According to you mercy''It is Hall lies''

 May God bless all involved in this drama,including me,all the readers,the bloggers,the spectators who saw and kept quiet and those posting and cussing all of us out.

God bless you pretty Mercy Aigbe....see you at your next drama...hopefully you will be an even better liar by then.

Please listen to Crooner Kefees song titled 'Branama'..when you listen to the lyrics,just understand that God has used this story to elevate your name,take it up from there honey!

''A clear conscience Fears no accusations''

This is the reply from Mercy Aigbe when she was interviewed by Punch Newspaper correspondence
The allegation of "infidelity" against popular Yoruba actress, Mercy Aigbe and the fallout of the incident that led to the allegation is yet to settle down. Hence, she has been forced to speak up once again about what happened on the day in question and her alleged 'controversial' moves.
Did her husband disgraced her and for what reason? See what Mercy said below...
In a telephone interview with The Punch on Thursday, Mercy, who sounded quite edgy, said there was no iota of truth in the report, which was published by a popular female blogger.

“In the first place, I did not vanish like the report claimed. I only went to the room that was reserved for me by the management of Oodua TV as their special guest to change into a more comfortable dress. I did not even go there alone. I went with my two personal assistants,” she said.

The actress, who fielded questions from the audience during the event, said she was actually shown to the room to rest before the show started, while her husband stayed behind at the scene of recording to enjoy the party preceding the event.

She added that she had felt tired and uncomfortable after dancing for awhile and had to retire into the reserved room to change into a lighter dress.

When asked if her husband had truly lost his temper and ‘dragged’ her out of the guest room, as claimed in the report, she said, “It was a lie. I left the venue of the show in company with my husband, my friend, Faith, and my personal assistants. At no time did he lose his temper or drag me out of the room.”

Mercy said she had driven to the Troy Lounge, the venue of the event, in her car straight from a party organised by another actress, Iyabo Ojo, to mark the anniversary of her NGO.

After the interview session with Oodua TV, she had decided to leave because she had another occasion to attend somewhere. An associate of her husband, a lady named Fadekemi, was celebrating her birthday.

The actress told our correspondent that she was joined by her husband in her guest room. They both came downstairs and left together in his car after her own vehicle, a Toyota Solaria, developed a technical fault and refused to start.

Wondering why anyone would want to tarnish her image by publishing falsehood about her, she declined ever having a misunderstanding with the author of the report.

“Honestly, I don’t know what I have done wrong to deserve this. My conclusion is that somebody must have sponsored it simply to smear my name with mud. But I don’t know how I have wronged that person,” she claimed.


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