Friday, 3 May 2013

Video: Mariah Carey clowns Nicki Minaj on AI. Nicki fires back!

Wednesday night on American Idol, Nicki Minaj was dismissed by Mariah Carey after Nicki tried to interrupt Mariah's critique of a contestant. Mariah cut Nicki off quick saying, 
"Again, back to the Billboard HOT 100 No. 1 song - which you just performed - which is difficult to get - not everybody has that - to their credit -  it's difficult to get."
Obviously clowning Nicki Minaj over her lack of No. 1 hits. Mariah Carey has 18 of them. More than any other artist and second only to The Beatles overall. Oh, but Nicki fired back. Hehe. Continue...

After noticing that blogs were going in on her for getting shaded by Mariah Carey on American Idol, Nicki Minaj went on Twitter and called Mariah Carey bitter and insecure...

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