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Video: MKO Abiola’s Star Daughter Dupe Dupsy May Step In Dad’s Business Shoes

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A television appearance made by Dupe ‘Dupsy’ Abiola, the daughter of the winner of 1993 election, Late MKO Abiola in a London program has exposed her as a potential future heavyweight in the world of international business and political expedition.
She is being tipped to revive the great name that MKO Abiola left behind, reviving the international image as a frontline business guru, Democracy advocate and top philanthropist.
It is not about selling her, Dupe already has what it takes to be an international star. She was all stars when she appeared late last year on the United Kingdom’s top chart programme, Dragon’s Den, where her outstanding performance sold her out as a future hope of Abiola’s business symbol.
She has been described as carrying all the best qualities of her departed father.
The United Kingdom based lawyer until now has remained quiet in the back ground, getting more dedicated to her legal career as a Barrister and more involved  to her dream plan to make it big as a professional recruit for businesses across United Kingdom.
Pretty, bright, charming, confident awesomely daring and carrying a colourful personality, Dupe Abiola has the tag of a determined entrepreneur. What she has sought after at the dens was what her departed father dole out to many as pocket money to many close admirers during his life time.
MKO Abiola was the man every Nigerian called the best ever philanthropist who had no political leaning or racial innuendo while carrying out her humanitarian duties.
Dupe  featured on BBC’s Dragon Den UK show  to canvassed for a sum of 50,000 pounds to invest in her new business venture as a recruit of professionals for companies  across United Kingdom seeking the best hands in various professions. The name of her company is called
The former barrister was outstanding in her performance during the show at the den, displaying the real traits of a worthy business entrepreneur and demonstrating those qualities that made her father the toast of the World of business.
She had quit her legal profession to dabble into the new venture and she seems to have made the right choice.
During the Den’s appearance, Dupe proved a worthy nation’s ambassador demonstrating the qualities of her departed father and  displaying rare qualities that made the team’s den allow her to pick her choice of sponsorship for her business.
She handled all the questions confidently and held the den’s team gobsmacked and in  consternation especially when answering questions about what motivated her to be so determined to breakthrough as a business person. She disclosed her dad’s sad end and as a democratic flag bearer but avoided the mention of the man she was speaking about.
Her story and how she dealt with questions  was really inspirational and leaves many questions as to whether she would be the next to carry the insignia of her father as an international business icon.
By the Sunday 7th October 2012 appearance,Dupe became the first ever Recruitment Business executive in the show’s seven year history, having been offered investment to a paltry sum of 50 Thousand Pounds, which she hopes to turn around.
Dupsy, an Oxford Graduate, pitched her innovative professional workers’ hiring platform. It is designed to help employers befitting professionals and and differentiate between student and graduate candidates online in an easy and convenient way.
Intern Avenue is an industry first. Unlike job boards and other solutions, it hosts an interactive intern directory for employers looking to find the best available intern candidates that match their business’ need.
Intern Avenue was selected out of the thousands of hopefuls who applied to pitch in Season Ten of the show before the revered Dragons – five of UK’s most eminent entrepreneurs – Duncan Bannatyne, Hilary Devey, Theo Paphitis, Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones.
 Dupsy Abiola’s thoughts about Dragons Den
I used to watch Dragons’ Den when I was at Oxford University. I love the show. It is so dramatic. I always thought that the entrepreneurs who pitch were so brave. I had no possible clue that I would ever be one. The Dragons can be tough, but if you can impress them then the opportunity can be transformative for your business. As a fast moving technology start up, I am always keen to meet with investors. The reality of building something exceptional is that it requires funding. A friend of my mine suggested that I should apply for the show and I figured that it would be an interesting experience. I had already closed two rounds of investment and am always on the lookout for good investors… why not a famous dragon. Dragons notoriously ask for but I was keen to hear what they might offer my business. I am open-minded about opportunities and happy to discuss investment opportunities at Intern Avenue with people who can help it grow. Any investor can get in touch with me here.
When I was selected to appear on Dragons’ Den I was really excited and also rather terrified. Knowing that you are going on puts the show in a totally different perspective. There are probably people everywhere who wonder how they would do if they were in the hot spot. It is only when you are there standing in front of those chairs that it all really sinks in. As I descended those famous stairs I remember thinking three things…
  • a) Don’t fall down the steps and make a fool of yourself
  • b) Listen and answer the questions to the best of your ability and…
  • c) just be yourself…
I had no idea how things would go but I figured that I would just go out and do my best. That is all anyone can do really. Pitching in the Den takes a lot of guts and plenty of energy. The people at the BBC were wonderful. I have been fortunate to have done many interesting things in my life and this experience will definitely remain a vivid memory. After I had done my two minute pitch, I felt completely relaxed. I have raised investment for Intern Avenue before but going on the Den is not like any investor meeting I have ever been in. The Dragons grasped the business concept quickly and asked great questions. I was pretty confident and prepared for most most of them. What I had not expected was that they would take such an interest in me personally. Questions about myself were really not something that I had been prepared for, but now that it is all said and done, I look back on the experience extremely fondly.

What next…

I was pursuing my career as a barrister and starting a business was not a journey that I would have predicted even six months before I quit my job to start Intern Avenue. Our story so far has been pretty unbelievable. I have always been fascinated by the world of business and I read everything about tech and business that I can get my hands on. I thought that the challenge of creating Intern Avenue would be great. Honestly I never really thought that things would develop as quickly and in the way that they have.

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